This company was started by a married couple, Gilbert and Teena in September 2018. They have passion and creativity when it comes to event planning. Both of them discovered their abilities to work together in planning for extraordinary events and doing fabulous decorations.

Teena is known for being a social butterfly for organizing events from planning, decorating and making program timelines. Gilbert and Teena are both successful in their own careers. They are both licensed Project Management Professionals (PMP) and have strong quality management experiences which add value for being an Event Planner. This couple is very hardworking, innovative, has attention to detail and always strive for quality. They challenge one another on their ideas to come up with an exceptional plan. You will definitely be satisfied with their work ethic and customer service in providing quality products. Start booking them now and experience the great event that you've always wanted. Specializing in Event Planning and balloon decorations.


Celebrating our milestone

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